About Tutoring Center

To help meet the needs of parents and children in the community of Upland and surrounding cuties, Kevork Halladjian opened the Church of Christ Tutoring Center for 1st – 8th grade students. Located, but not affiliated, at the Church, The Church of Christ of Upland Tutoring Center’s doors are open to help children in all subjects such as math, science, language arts, etc. Monday – Friday 2PM – 6PM. At the Church of Christ of Upland Tutoring Center, children will find themselves academically flourishing with programs catered to their unique academic needs. To better serve students and families, Professor Kevork Halladjian utilizes his 30+ years of experience in education to create an environment that encourages children to be confident in their learning capabilities. By selecting qualified tutors that share his passion for teaching, Kevork can guarantee that children who enter the Tutoring Center’s doors will be empowered and motivated throughout their academic journey. Additionally, for those who may seek spiritual services, Bible study is also available to students and families.


 For more information regarding Tutoring Services or Bible Study services for your child, please feel free to contact the Tutoring Center at (909) 920-6765, or email us at tutoring@churchofchristofupland.org .


 Professor Kevork Halladjian is also happy to hear from families directly as well to answer questions at (626) 376-5475.


We are looking forward to seeing you visit us!


We have an amazing multicultural staff that cares about each student and ensures that they reach their highest potential!

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