About Founder

Rev. Fr. Kevork Halladjian, Pastor

Who am I, what I do

Born in Bethlehem, Rev. Fr. Kevork Halladjian was always passionate about  others and bringing unity to his community. He received his education in Armenian Patriarchate of St. James Seminary graduating in 1985. He then received a full scholarship to come to the United States to continue his education in Armenian Studies with a minor in Education at University of La Verne. Upon graduating from his bachelors, he worked at various Armenian schools teaching Armenian history, language, and religion. His love for education inspired Fr. Kevork to pursue two master’s degrees in Education and Educational Administration. After receiving his masters, Fr. Kevork shared his love for teaching by becoming a teacher within the Glendale Unified School District. As an educator in Glendale, Kevork was allowed the opportunity to assist Armenian families and students adjust to their educational settings. Fr. Kevork’s love for his community, and for teaching students was shared with all that entered his classrooms.

As he gained more experience in education by serving as a teacher, Fr. Kevork then went on to become Dean of Marshal High School in Pasadena, CA. After his career as Dean, Fr. Kevork transitioned to become principal of Rowland Heights Charter School. While instructing future generations, Fr. Kevork also wanted to assist his own family by also starting his own professional real estate business. Despite having his continuing career in real estate, Fr.  Kevork’s passion for education continues to still thrive strongly as an Armenian Language Professor at Pasadena City College. When he is not instructing college students, Fr. Kevork is sharing his love for teaching for all the Church of Christ of Upland Tutoring staff, so that future generations can continue to provide the same level of care and instruction to all those pursuing their educational journey.